Sql Server Management - is it possible to avoid sorting sorting?

I have databases with different collation. I want to be able to script to dump tables from one database and create them in another. However, when I script prints out the tables, it turns on sorting in the column definitions.

Is there a way to exclude sorts from scripts to create generated tables?


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Tools -> Options

In the "Scripts" section (in the "Table / View" section)

Set Enable Sorting to False!



Pretty lame - but do a search and replace with the script after it has been generated?



What version of SSMS are you using? Full Edition or Express Edition?

You will need to apply at least SP2 for 2005 to get the scripting preferences in the Tools → Options menu.

This does not need to be applied to database servers, and it can only be applied to client tools on the administrator workstation if needed.



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