Is it possible to change the background color of text that is highlighted when using a code template in Eclipse?

In other words, when you type for

and press Ctrl + Space, you can select different patterns for

. Once selected, it generates the code and allows you to insert inputs between different aspects of the code (for example, which array you are looping through). I switched to dark colors on Eclipse, but I can't find anywhere to change the selection for these tab areas, so they show up with light backgrounds and my foreground colors and are completely unreadable.

Can these colors be changed anywhere? If so, where?


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It took me a while, but I found it.

Look in Window> Preferences> General> Text Editors> Linked Mode

Then this is the "Editable Range" you are looking for.

In settings: alt text

Result: alt text



Since you didn't find the prefs setting by looking for "color" there is probably no way to do this. I suggest opening the bug at



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