How to enable Intellisense and code hints in C ++ Builder 2009?

I just installed CodeGear Studio 2009 and I haven't found where I can put the Intellisense and code hints.

And by the way, in Visual Studio we can select blocks of code in the same way. How do I use similar features in CodeGear?

Any ideas about this?


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It's called Code Insight. I don't have 2009 yet, but probably in the same location as 2007. Look at Tools> Options> Editor Options> Code Insight .

By the way, it's not where it comes close like Intellisense in VS.



The common name is called "code completion", intellisense and discernment are just catching marketing campaigns that companies use.



even after I restarted it with all CodeInsight include points, I found out that there was no result ((



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