Nexus CMS - Google Search Appliance Indexing

Does anyone use this CMS? I don't know much about this, you need to index a site that was built using GSA (Google Search Appliance), but there is very little documentation on its website.

wondering if there will be any pitfalls what type of database it uses.



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GSA works by crawling your site's start URL that you configured in GSA and then will follow any links from the original URL on your site.

If you have any data in the database that you want to search for, such as events or recipes, you can create a page that fetches all events from the database and lists them. Add this page to the GSA so it can bypass it and also exclude it in the interface set in the GSA.

In the enterprise version of GSA, you can also use SQL queries.

GSA can crawl static pages and dynamic pages, so it doesn't matter which DB your cms uses.



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