Downloading my private key for use in git on Mac

I am trying to use git on Mac (I am a Mac newbie). I obviously have to upload my private key. On my windows machine, I just use pageant and msysgit. How do I upload a private key to git on Mac?


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Git has a good article on creating and using your private keys here:



If you open the key with PuTTY Key Generator

, you can export your key in OpenSSH format. Just copy this to your Mac and place it as a named file id_rsa

in a directory ~/.ssh

(which you will need to create if you haven't run ssh-keygen).

Export OpenSSH key

If that's not much of a problem though, you can simply use ssh-keygen

to create a new key pair and add the new public

key to the account you are accessing. Most online git repositories and ssh hosts (like Winsshd) allow you to bind multiple keys to an account.



I would say just create a new key. If you are submitting to github, there is nothing to do to push the two public keys up and also to post to another server - this is just another entry in ~ / .ssh / authorized_keys.

The github guide localshred pointer it points to should have all the directions you need.



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