NHibernate and query optimization

I am using NHibernate as my ORM solution and need to get a very specialized object (for performance reasons) that is different from my original object.

Did he actually set up a second object with its own mapping file so that I could set a custom fetch of connections and set the batch size, etc.? Can 2 classes go back to the same table? Will this lead to some strange results when trying to update the original object?

Should I try to set runtime parameters for this sample plan?

Maybe use a stored procedure for this?

This object structure is complex and involves moving around collections of collections, and I am trying to remove the coolness of the original object. I love the sound of option 1 as it would seem to be the easiest to set up and get started.


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Could you give an example of what you are trying to do? There are many solutions to this problem.

Knowing no more, I would say by sounds you are looking for custom ResultTranformers.

You can see an example of the one used to query partial objects:




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