Best way to learn Ext JS for use with ASP.NET?

I have a very basic knowledge of Javascript and am now looking forward to learning Ext JS and implementing it in my ASP.NET application.

If anyone can guide me on how to get started and which book I should follow, I would be grateful.


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Not sure if this is the fastest approach, but all I did (as well as another developer who worked with me) was to browse the ExtJS documentation and sample gallery (and view their source).

One important issue to consider when using ExtJS with ASP.NET is that when using BorderLayout, you will go crazy trying to figure out why Postbacks no longer work. However, there is a workaround .

Another access to ASP.NET is that if you are using ExtJS to communicate with ASP.NET (or WCF) web services, you need to do some special things to make it work (decorate your web method with special attributes or add some stuff to web.config etc.).

These were only two mistakes I can remember other than just learning and getting ExtJS to blame.



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