Import a library?

I recently downloaded this open source project and I am trying to compile it.

However, one of the lines is giving me an error.


It seems like I am missing a library .... is there a way to find out which library I need?

I tried google search for while there seems to be a result at containing the source code.

I think I need the Jar file right?

I tried downloading xalan from apache and it didn't work. I tried to see if there is an xpath library, but I don't think there is an xpath library? xpath search brought me to xalan. I have also tried Xerces-J-bin.2.9.1.



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The WrongNumberArgsException class in Xalan is in a package org.apache.xpath.functions

. With Xalan jar in your project, you should simply change the import statement in your source code to use the correct path.



The author of OpenSource (which is ever "this open source project") imported an internal sun exception class that used the xalan classes in Java 6. This shouldn't be done at all! Will not work with older virtual machines and may be broken down into later versions.

Never import com.sun. *!



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