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I am having serious problems rendering in Safari with a web app I am working on. Most of the design is done with a div using absolute positioning. This works great in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Netscape and konqueror. In Safari, it's just a mess.

Does Safari not support absolute positioning of divs?

What's the best way to deal with the problem and find out what's going on with the safari browser? alt text

UPDATE: I would like to point out that I found the problem and I would like to thank everyone who gave suggestions. It was WebKit "Inspect Element" that provided the most useful information. It looks like these were conflicts with inline and CSS styles. While safaris were decorating styles from the .css file, other browsers used inline styles. I was able to see these conflicts with information in the suggested tool.


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The problem might be somewhere in your JavaScript; one of the most noticeable things about Safari is that it loves to stop executing JavaScript after errors.

CSS is most likely not an issue as Safari has better standards and CSS support than any other browser (okay, I said that.)

Use the built-in web inspector in a recent nightly build of WebKit to track your issues.



1. Support for Safari?

Safari is actually a decent browser . If it has its flaws, they are no worse than any other browser, and they are not in the class of older IE browsers, which have very serious problems and do not even have basic support for web standards. To answer your question specifically, yes it does support absolute positioning .

Safari can certainly render modern X / HTML CSS designs, and since your audience uses Safari heavily, you can forget the notion of browser rejection as well . This is a good browser, and we are powerless to change it anyway. We just have to take care of these errors , whatever they are.

2. How do I debug?

Without a concrete example, it is not that anyone can really help you. It seems fair to say that you have some CSS based layout control issues . You may have some invalid markup which in some cases can lead to the abnormal extreme browsers described above.

Start with the basics < ... Validate your markup and CSS.

Make sure you are rendering in standards mode .

Look for answers to specific questions

If everything is checked and you still have problems , you will have to track them down one by one. Even if you rearrange the page, piece by piece in Safari, to see where things start to unfold, it will be worth it. If during this process you really don't understand why a certain behavior exists, you will have at least a specific question that you can use to search for answers. It can be answered already on SO , and if not, you can ask it.



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