How do I concatenate regular expressions in javascript?

this is not what i am asking:

concatenate multiple regexes into one regex

is there a way to add regex to another (in javascript language) ?

the reason for this is to make the code easier to maintain (e.g. if the included string is long or easier to maintain by a non-programmer).

in python, for example, I would write something like:

regstr1 = 'dogs|cats|mice'
regstr_container = '^animal: (cows|sheep|%s|zebra)$' % regstr1


however in javascript the regex is not a string.

re = /^animal: (rami|shmulik|dudu)$/;


or am I missing something?


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You don't need to use literal notation. Instead, you can create a new RegExp object.

var myRegex = new RegExp("^animal: (rami|shmulik|dudu)$");




var regstr1 = 'dogs|cats|mice',
regstr_container = '^animal: (cows|sheep|'+ regstr1 +'|zebra)$',
regex = RegExp(regstr_container);




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