Problem with AMFPHP over SSL

I seem to be having a problem running AMFPHP under SSL in our development environment.

I created a self-signed certificate under CentOS and got whatever I want, but whenever I go to a page in Firefox, I get a warning that the certificate is self-taught and therefore cannot be accepted.

This seems to be affecting AMFPHP calls from flash, stating that the certificate was not accepted when called ... Does anyone know a way to get around this? Is this a setting that we can edit locally? Is there something in the AMFPHP config that will ignore this? Or is it happening at a lower level?

Thanks a lot for any help :)


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You can add the certificate as a trusted source, but that will only help you in your browser and won't improve your experience. If it's not good that you should inform your users about it (since this is one action).



You should also make sure to use SecureAMFEndPoint instead of the normal ActionScript side AMFEndPoint.



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