Microsoft Bluetooth Stack to Widcomm Bluetooth Stack?

I have the following problem: I have implemented a managed mobile app for Windows Mobile devices using the C # Bluetooth InTheHand library. Now I figured out that new HTC devices will have the Widcomm Bluetooth stack instead of the Microsoft Bluetooth stack ... Does anyone know of some working C # library for the Widcomm Bluetooth stack? And also, how limited is the widcomm api, regarding, for example, the ability to enable / disable bluetooth or listen to Obex? Thanks for any hints!


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First, a disclaimer, I am a supporter of the 32feet.NET library. :-)

Version 2.4 of 32feet.NET from InTheHand includes Widcomm / Broadcom support. Have you tried this? I have a feeling that you might have ...

To start the ObexListener, first, we need a way to disable the built-in Widcomm OBEX server (if that can be done, I can make the necessary changes to start the ObexListener). There may be support for enabling / disabling radio on CE / WM - I think the API is missing on Win32.

Other options with the ObexListener are to run it on a personal service class identifier if the client application knows it will run. Or perhaps you can use the Widcomm API directly, which might allow you to intercept the PUT objects you need ...



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