Code pointers in VS.Net 2003 are out of order

I have a .net 1.1 project in VS.Net 2003 (using C #) where I can set a breakpoint in one method and it is very easy to execute the code, but when I find one specific method (which we also wrote), the points breakpoints and code pointers go "cracked" for lack of a better term. If the breakpoint is on line 100, the progress bar stops at line 101. The syntax highlight that colors the red breakpoint will still be at 100, but it will only be at line 101 (that is, shorter than line 100) ... As you F10 through the code, the deviation between where the code actually runs and where the progress bar is located gets larger. Has anyone ever encountered this type of problem before, and if so, what might be the solution to re-sync,so that I can accurately debug my program?


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Yes. Your debug symbols (.pdb files) are out of sync with the actual code. Close Visual Studio and remove "bin" and "obj" folders from all affected projects. Then start Visual Studio again and rebuild. This should fix the problem.



Found ... my pdb files were out of sync with dll files ... cleaned the / bin / folder and rebuilt and the problem went away.




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