What would you recommend as a highly customizable forum package?

I am about to create a new website that will be very helpful when using custom forums.

Since I already have user accounts and profile data stored, it seems that I would benefit from choosing an open source forum package that I could modify so that the logins are tested against my existing database.

My whole site is Perl-based right now, and looking around I don't see many great Perl forums - the only thing I can find that is special is yabb - but this is written to authenticate against flat files, and honestly the code is nasty ...

If I need to use a PHP solution so be it, but first are there some simple forums written in Perl that you would suggest? I expect to have different forums and assign specific users as moderators. More than what I don't need, just a basic thread and an attractive look.


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In fact, simple forums are often really insecure forums. If you are determined to use perl the main web forum will not come to mind, and if your security knowledgeable I will tell you yours. You can even post it to the open source community to help people like you. I know there are some great PHP modules out there that are not so unreliable, well developed enough.



I seem to remember that Drupal had a sane form as a module.



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