Accessing SQL Reporting Web Services

I am testing an application locally that is embedded in ColdFusion. I have SQL Report Services running and would like to access reports using ColdFusion.

I can only access web services through IE. How do I enable anonymous access to the server so I can make a simple HTTP request from ColdFusion to grab the report?

Second, is there a better way to do this than what I'm thinking about?


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Anonymous access to Reporting Services is not recommended, although if you control all access to reports through the CF layer then that should be fine. Just go to the web server that hosts RS and tell the website that it should use anonymous access, running as a specific user (which you will grant sufficient permission to access the reports). Saving data source credentials is also worth doing in this environment.

You will then be able to use the web service layer with the Render command to pull the HTML for a specific report.

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Here is a great article for Accessing Reporting Services from Java. Maybe this post will be useful to others, if not to you.



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