JQuery form submit, even validation returns false

My code below still represents the form in a special character in the name field. The validation works, but if I repeat it again, it crashes and submits the form with special characters.

What could be causing this?

   trimmedValue = $.trim($("#name").val());
   typevalue = $("input:radio[@name='type']:radio:checked").val();
   if(typevalue=="FLAT" && !isFloat($("#amount").val())) {
   alert("Amount should be number with proper decimal formatting");
    return false;
var noSpecialChars = /[^a-zA-Z0-9]/g;
if (noSpecialChars.test($("#name").val())) {
    alert("Please enter valid fee Name. Do not enter special characters"  );
    return false;

if(typevalue=="PERCENTAGE" && !isFloat($("#percentage").val())) {
   alert("percentage should be number with proper decimal formatting");
    return false;
if(typevalue=="FLAT" && $("#amount").val()=="0.0") {
    return confirm("Do you really want the amount to be 0.0 ?");
if(typevalue=="PERCENTAGE" && $("#percentage").val()=="0.0") {
    return confirm("Do you really want the percentage to be 0.0 ?");




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In which browser can you reproduce this?

I did it on Firefox 3.5.2, but was unable to reproduce it on IE 6.0. After researching a few more, I noticed that on this line ...

if (noSpecialChars.test($("#name").val())) {


... the call to.test () returned true

and then false

in an interleaved pattern (Firefox only) suggesting some problem with RegExp

. So I tried to replace the implicit RegExp creation like this:

    //var noSpecialChars = /[^a-zA-Z0-9]/g;        
    var noSpecialChars = new RegExp("[^a-zA-Z0-9]");


And that fixed the problem for me.



It looks like the interpreter never reaches return false;

when pressed again and instead submits the form to the href

one specified for the form.

If there is a form tag href

, try removing it and inserting the property just before calling return.



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