Is there a way to prevent Visual Studio from automatically adding from obj / Debug to the changeset?

For some solutions, when I open them, Visual Studio will get the files that are not in the project (especially from obj / Debug) and add it to the changeset, and I always have to do Undo Pending Changes. This is annoying. Is there a way to prevent Visual Studio from behaving this way?


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This is usually only a problem for website projects. Because they include everything inside the vroot in a "project" (which doesn't really exist), and if you bind that vroot to version control, then TFS says "hey, if it's version control in the project." Web Application Projects do not have this problem.

If this happens when someone is recursively adding files, then they should run "Clean" build files, remove .suo and csproj.user before doing the add.



Typically the obj / debug folders are not added as part of the source control when adding a solution. I'm guessing someone explicitly added these to the original control when porting your solution.

If you see these two folders in the source control tree, I will delete them. They will still be generated by building on the local machine, but will not participate in the registration process.



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