Finding Compact Format for HTML Books for Offline Reading on Linux

I have a Linux netbook and a large collection of HTML computer books and reference materials. I wish there was some compact way of storing these books to be thrown away without unpacking them in the first place. This will save space and reduce wear and tear on my small SSD.

If there was some way to convince Firefox to view the files contained in the ZIP file, that would be ideal. (I know iCab (Mac) has a web archive format that worked this way.) Perhaps a Firefox plugin? Small web server that can serve directly from ZIP files? Some magical FUSE module? Does anyone have any idea?

On my PDA (which the netbook pretty much replaces) I've used iSilo for this, but it's not available for Linux, its conversions are a waste and it costs money.


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There is a FUSE zip app here:

Gvfs must also support zip files.



Caliber can help (convert to compressed format, manage, view e-books).



You can use to open html pages and then save them as OO documents. OO documents are zip files.

Another option is to use OO to save as pdf.

You can even do it from the command line using this OO macro .

It's the same with AbiWord - you can use it on the command line to convert .

The AbiWord example shows how to convert all files in a directory to the desired format (pdf). Then you can use pdftools to combine all pages in one document.

Also, I don't know which windows are controlling your laptop, but if it's KDE, konqueror (file and web browser for KDE) opens web pages from a ZIP file without any problem.

Chances are Gnome Nautilus can do this as well (I don't have Gnome here to test).

Have you ever tried to open a zip file with any file manager you have and then click on a webpage inside it?



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