How to connect a module dynamically loaded into the PureMVC framework for ActionScript 3

I am using the PureMVC framework in a FlexBuilder 3 project. I have already hooked up the ApplicationFacade and ran the simple commands successfully.

I have a ModuleLoader in my Application.mxml entry point and I am setting the url of the ModuleLoader when the user logs in from ApplicationMdiator.

Where can I register a mediation module that is dynamically loaded when the URL is set because I don't have an instance available from ApplicationMediator?

Do I need to create a different facade for the module?


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PureMVC comes in two flavors for ActionScript 3 PureMVC Standard and PureMVC Multicore respectively.

You will need to use PureMVC Multicore version if you want to use modules in a flexible application.

A good reference explanation with linked demos can be found here



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