How to get started with drivers Programming under windows

I want to start learning driver programming under windows. I have never programmed drivers and I am looking for information on how to get started.

Any tutorials, links, book recommendations, and what set of development tools should I start? (WDF will be good?)

I really want to program the following clock link text

Thank you for your help.


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To interact with USB hardware, your best bet is to take a look at WinUSB or Usermode Driver Basics . Usermode drivers are an order of magnitude simpler, being able to use a C ++ / COM framework (sort of) and a normal debugging environment.

Writing kernelmode drivers should be reserved for files such as video cards, disks and other latency / bandwidth drivers.

It's even easier to use libusb-win32 , which is a C library that makes talking to a USB endpoint almost as easy as writing data to a file.



I started out by downloading the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) .

Then you decide which driver you want. Filesystem driver? (maybe not), RS-232 driver? USB driver? They all follow different rules and quirks.

The WDK comes with sample drivers for most driver types and should get you up and running quickly.



A must see resource for developing Windows drivers, of course, as an addition to the WDK mentioned by Eric .



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