Developing and debugging a component inside a FLA file using Flash CS4

I created a small Flash CS4 project with several custom components (AS 3) communicating with each other.

Is it possible to create a FLA file that points to these components in their original format (as .AS files) without compiling these components separately 1 and copying them to the / flash / components folder?

I want an easy way to change the source code of the components during development / debugging.


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The simple answer is no ... Assuming the classes are not compiled in a single file (one link is enough for that, automatically).

If you have your components in separate SWF files, I guess the problem is that you don't want to compile everything by hand every time? If so, ANT is a great tool for automating compilation, other things. It's not entirely newbie friendly, but with some search engines you'll find a lot of information. ANT is also great for other time-consuming repetitive tasks, you can, for example, automatically download mail messages or transfer svn. With (for example) BigSource, you can also use FCSH from the Flex SDK, which will make the build much faster.

Another, but less flexible, alternative is a Flash project (assuming all components have their own flash drive). With it, you can simply compile all fla in a project in a package. You will probably quickly hit the wall with this and figure out ANT is better, but this is a start;)



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