WPF UC in Winforms sometimes has an odd border on the left / visually damaged

I have a WPF custom control that I created that is used to display the status of tasks in my user interface. I am getting an odd message that the control sometimes has a nasty perspective border on the left and I am unable to reproduce it.

The control looks like this (when running) (gray tick = won't start, green = OK, red cross = failed, hourglass = running);

alt text http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/1772/wpfgoodpw9.png

It looks like when the problem occurs,

alt text http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/4201/wpfbadar6.png

It may have something to do with the layering of these icons, when the state changes, others become invisible and the corresponding icon becomes visible. All four icons are located on top of each other.

This may be a theoretical background, which I will look at next. The problem shows up on both flat panels and CRT displays.

Any guidance was greatly appreciated.

Update: 1) SnapsToDevicePixels doesn't affect the issue. 2) No grid is used, only canvas.


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Could this have something to do with pixel snapping ?



Are they a grid? This could be related to WPF: eliminate transparency between grid cells , which we never allowed.



You can ask one of your hi-tech users to run Snoop while the problem is showing, and then:

  • Click on the binoculars
  • Hover over the artifact (vertical bar) and press Shift-Ctrl
  • Look in the Snoop window and report which element is hilighted.

This will tell you exactly which control is producing the color you see in the artifact, which can be a great hint in fixing it.



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