How do you sort all your old projects?

I was just browsing my system and had a lot of old projects with multiple backups and versions (yes, I know, this is before I started using source control correctly;))

The point is that some of these applications are used by my company on a daily basis, and many may have a lot of code that could be useful for other projects.

So, I want to go through each and remove all the garbage that will never be used. Do a final build and put all the useful projects into one version controlled repository for easy updates, etc.

Anything that is simple, yes, but then there are a couple of LARGE projects that the code is really ugly that I would like to refactor, and also start building a library of bits that are useful.

What would be a good strategy for this? What are you doing to keep reusable code that you can remember?


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I would just push them all into the repository and forget about them until they needed work / changes and then spend time on them. If they are asleep, there is no reason to wake them up ...

Work on them (to improve them) as they are modified for bug fixes, features, etc.

If you really want to create a "reusable library" then define what you want to provide and go through your code to find useful code, classes, etc. If you don't have real buy-ins from people, this can be a wasted action for the company (but very helpful for those involved - for the experience)

You can also use this as an exercise to enable a daily (or at least automated) build structure.



I would start by pasting in the newest version of each of the source controls.

It will be a laborious process, but getting it to "standard" state will help a lot.

Refactoring can happen after this.



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