Visual Studio error?

About a dozen and a half times, I have been doing regular work in Visual Studio - either running a unit test, or just compiling, updating something from SVN or something else, and the visual studio just disappears ... it closes and leaves instantly ... it's ok when i restart it and i don't see the problem again for a while ... it keeps happening and for random reasons ... has anyone else experienced this?

One thought is that I am using AnkhSVN, but if you have this problem and are not experiencing it, please let me know.


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All the developers on my team see this problem a lot. This is not AnkhSVN because we are not using it. I believe this is C ++ intellisense, but it's just a feeling. Sometimes this happens when we are not doing anything. We'll go for coffee, come back and he just left.

This never happens to me on smaller projects, but it often happens on our large (several million lines, dozens of projects) solution with a mix of unmanaged C ++, managed C ++ and C #.

We've seen this less often since the upgrade to SP1.



There's a good chance it's one of your supplements that is causing this.

If you can recreate when this happens, try doing it with a combination of combinations (if you only use AnkhSVN then try with only this and without it).

It is far from unlikely that Anhk can do this, so start by determining for sure.



Definitely an addition. I faced a similar problem, but it will bluescreen my machine. After uninstalling the plugin (it was SlickEdit gadgets), I never experienced the problem again. Try uninstalling plugins. Or updating ankvv.



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