Where can I find the DTW Dojo XMLNS?

I want to add some Dojo widgets to my XHTML pages, but Dojo uses some attributes that are not part of the XHTML specification. For example:

<input dojoType="ComboBox" type="text" dataUrl="/some_data.json" />


Attributes dojoType

and dataUrl

cause validation problems. I suppose Dojo allows me to move dojoType

to an attribute class


<input class="dojo-ComboBox" type="text" dataUrl="/some_data.json" />


This solves part but not all of the problem. The "correct" solution would look something like this:

<input dojo:type="ComboBox" type="text" dojo:dataUrl="/some_data.json" />


But it requires a Dojo XMLNS declaration at the top of my HTML file, which means I need to find a copy of the Dojo XMLNS DTD. I suspect that I will need to copy it over to my server and put it there because I have extended the Dojo toolbox. Will Dojo come in an enhanced version?


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I don't believe replacing a custom DTD will make your pages validate. Regardless of the DTD, they are still not valid XHTML. If validation is really important, you can try using the Dojo JavaScript library to record all of your widgets: http://www.dojoforum.com/node/1182 HTH



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