Smarty replaces text with double quotes

I have the following line in smarty variable (php templating system) $ test:

<img height="113" width="150" alt="Sunset" src="/test.jpg"/>


I want to add "em" to height and width like this:

{$test|replace:'" w':'em" w'|replace:'" a':'em" a'}


But it doesn't work ... What is the problem and solution?


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my regex is not the biggest, or I would give you a better helper, but maybe using what you had with regex replacement would work.

{$test|regex_replace:'/".w/':'em" w'|regex_replace:'/".a/':'em" a'}


other helpers to try



At the moment I can't play with my smart sites, but first I will remove "from the replacement value to see if there is a bug, then remove it from the connector and just find the height / width.

otherwise I would do a replacement in PHP if you can.



Did you know that units of units in HTML width / height attributes are invalid, right? Just this CSS.



With Aggiorno Smart Find and Replace, you can do it like this:

Search pattern:

<img height="$h" width="$w" $attributes/>


Replace Template:

<img height="$[h]em" width="$[w]em" $attributes"/>


When you click the Search button, all occurrences are highlighted before applying the replacement, so you can continue checking, after which you can confidently apply the replacement.



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