Range of accelerometers in iPhone

I have applied the following method in my application.

- (void)accelerometer:(UIAccelerometer *)acel didAccelerate:(UIAcceleration *)aceler {
if (fabsf(aceler.x) > 1.5 || fabsf(aceler.y) > 1.5 || fabsf(aceler.z) > 1.5 || fabsf(aceler.x) < -1.5 || fabsf(aceler.y) < -1.5 || fabsf(aceler.z) < -1.5 )
    [self showImage:nil];



=> I really want to know "Range aceler.x".

i.e. which would be the maximum value of aceler.x / y / z

Least? (I think it should be zero)

Thanks in advance for your help.


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A quick search reveals that the iPhone is using the LIS302 accelerometer . The datasheet I was linking displays + -2G or + -8G. There is also a LIS302 version which is only + -2G. From another page, the page I stumbled upon, mentions the output output to 2.37G, so it looks like they are using 2G mode or LIS302 which only supports 2G.



I believe the maximum value is around 2.5g. This is the most I've seen and I remember reading it somewhere else. Anything above will be capped at 2.5.



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