Monitoring ASP / COM + Application Performance in Windows 2003 / IIS 6.0

We run a website using Active Server Pages and COM + components . ASP pages call COM + components, which in turn communicate with external systems and respond to ASP page requests.

We find that the application becomes slow over a period of time and requires a restart (for example, after a couple of days). The website runs on good hardware and doesn't have a lot of traffic, so we think this is not a bandwidth issue.

The application was written in ASP 3.0, VB 6.0 (COM) by an external vendor that no longer supports us. In this situation, we want to find out what the problem is: ASP and COM + component performance monitoring.

Hence my questions:

  • What are all the performance counters best to monitor for this case?
  • At what interval should the counters be registered?
  • How long are counters monitored before you start analyzing them? I understand that this can be of different applications, but is there a general guide?
  • Once the counters are collected, how can you understand from this? Manual analysis using MS Excel or is there any good tool recommended? what is your experience with this?

Any help was much appreciated.


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See this thread .

You should start with the PAL configuration file Perfmon_Template_for_System_Overview.htm and add the following Active Server Pages counters:

  • Errors During Script Runtime
  • Errors from the ASP preprocessor
  • Queries Execution
  • Queued requests
  • Sessions Total
  • Errors from Script Compilers
  • Debug queries
  • Request execution time
  • Request timeout
  • Requests / Sec
  • Total requests
  • Requests successfully
  • Failure requested Total
  • Template cache hit rate
  • Process (inetinfo) Private Bytes

The default pattern sampling interval of 15 seconds should be good enough if you observe long enough. If you have a peak hour during the day, it might be good enough to just keep track of that time; you're just looking for trends to help you focus your troubleshooting.

PAl comes with analyzers for IIS 5.0 and 6.0 out of the box, but not classic ASP. You can create a new analyzer (called a threshold file in PAL) to enable analysis for ASP. The code is too long to post here, but if you're interested, please leave me a comment and we'll figure out how I can send you what I have.

Additionally, if you have an enterprise edition of Visual Studio, you can use Visual Studio Analyzer (VSA) to trace all ASP and COM calls. It's a pretty nice profiling job where time is wasted and you can enable Perfmon counters to monitor what's going on at the system level.



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