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I have a relatively simple site that I am rendering for an intranet environment. Pages have a hook for displaying a simple bit of text (possibly with a little HTML for markup purposes) to get help when the user clicks on a link on the page. I am discussing whether to put the help snippets in their own XML file or create a section in web.config

. The site needs to be deployed to multiple client sites and assuming updating the web.config file will cause the site to restart, I tend to have it in its own file. My question is where would be the best place to find it? I would prefer it not be easily accessible for websites, so while root or some kind of folder is an option, I am wondering if there is a more "standard" location for such files, perhapsApp_LocalResources

? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank.

I will consider these options. I don't expect many updates to the help file / resource, but I think that as the site's functionality expands, this is certainly possible. I like the idea of ​​being something like XML, or at least editable in a text editor, so updating doesn't necessarily require VS to update the file. Thanks everyone!


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Sounds like an ideal candidate for resx (resource) files in the App_GlobalResources folder. They are easily edited and submitted to the site without any restarts.



How do I use an embedded resource? There are several tutorials on how to use the built-in resources and package them in a DLL to distribute with your site.



In my projects, I connect the web application to the online help wiki page where possible.

The page name .aspx is used as the title of the help page. Once you get to the wiki, you can do all the wiki tricks like redirecting and binding

See my blog post article for technical information.



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