How to submit an iPhone app to the App Store?

Do I need to pay $ 99 before I can watch a video to submit an iPhone app to the App Store, or is it available for free?


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You can join the developer program and watch videos without paying. It's on video -> App Store and distribution after you logged in:

You can also read:

What you can't do without saving your $ 99 is to get the app on your iPhone or iPod touch (including your own).



I'm assuming you mean the $ 99 registration fee to register as an iPhone developer?

Even if you can find a copy of the video, you still have to pay a fee to have your app listed on the App Store. Apple holds a pretty tough handle for all of this, which is why they require all developers to register if they want to sell software on the App Store. Apple will also have the final say on whether your software can be sold.

Bottom line: If you're going to sell software through the App Store, you'll have to pay Apple $ 99.



$ 99 is for developer registration where you can debug your iphone app on your mobile as you develop as we made the tone of the iphone app, although the business account was over $ 99, but it will help you more once you sign up with $ 99 - thanks



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