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Let's assume a typical ASP database and session application developed using best practices just before the first version of .NET. Assign the amount of effort required for seasoned professionals to complete it correctly and efficiently up to 1.0.

What do you rate the amount of effort required to maintain it using the best non-aggressive refactoring techniques since then until now?

Would this be a good investment (Option A)? Or would it be better (Option B) to do a new job with modern best practices, but not refactoring? Or (option C) would it be better if the architecture matched, doing new work with the old architecture?

In light of your choice, what should you do from now on?


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I don't think you are giving us enough information to make a reasonable answer.

  • Is it a product or an internal system?
  • What's the story?
  • Is there an ongoing project or a current budget?
  • Are there any politics, historical or current?
  • Is the business domain behind the system well understood and documented?
  • Etc etc.

In general, and in all other matters equal, I have always started with Option C to make sure that decisions are driven by the business, not the technology.



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