DatePicker for a mobile site?

What is the best way to let the user select a date from a mobile device in terms of usability?


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I would hate any form of dropdown, select-list when using a mobile app.

Unfortunately, three separate blocks (for day, month and year) will be equally painful on a MIDP profile device.

I would almost suggest using one textbox and do DateTime.TryParse(String, out DateTime)

to get the result. This allows them to enter any number of formats .. and most of the time it will work fine.

Also, if you gave them a form hint regarding correct formatting (eg March 12, 2009), then this is likely the format they are using.



Are you creating a WAP page in You have a DatePicker in your mobile toolbox. On supported devices this will show up as a normal date picker (as in normal, and on more limited devices it will show up as a selector where you first select the year, then the month, and finally the date. If you don't have a reason to do this, you should use this I think.



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