What are the currently available .NET frameworks that help build business applications?

And what are their pros and cons in terms of maturity, community support, ease of development? ...

In my opinion, the business application infrastructure should provide:

  • ORM integration (possibly building on existing solutions like NHibernate, Entity Framework ...).
  • check library.
  • UI Integration Components (ASP.NET and / or Windows Forms and / or WPF ...).

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DevExpress.NET business application frameworks

  • EXpressApp structure
  • Permanent eXpress objects


There are many tools. I would look at ORM.

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • BLToolkit
  • DataObjects.Net
  • NHibernate
  • EntitySpaces

I am using DataObjects currently, but others are fine as well.

For WPF applications, I would recommend the Microsoft Composite Application Library with 3rd party controls. For example,

  • Telerik.
  • Infragistics.
  • DevExpress

These three are proven ok. For web applications

  • Composite block of web applications
  • LiveUI.NET
  • .NET RIA services
  • ASP.NET dynamic data
  • ASP.NET MVC (unless the UI is complex)


  • Speaking of ORM, take a look at BlToolkit. It makes it easy to work with stored procedures.
  • On the UI side, there are DevExpress libraries that contain many controls for all three of the technologies you listed. For ASP.NET, see ASP.NET MVC if you haven't.




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