TIFF file structure standards

I have read the TIFF file specification provided by Adobe, but I could not find any standards related to:

  • If it is better / more customary to put IFDs immediately after the image data they describe / just before the image data, they describe / all together at the top with the image data below / etc.

  • How many lines are in each strip. Is there a good number at all? If this is a multi-plane image, would it be nice to have each stripe just hold all the lines in that particular plane of the image?

I am asking because I am programming some Java to make a TIFF file.


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I think it doesn't matter where you put the IFD as long as you follow the spec (because the TIFF reader / writer has to use the spec to find them).

When I wrote some TIFF files, I did:

  • TIFF file header
  • Front Page Tags
  • Image for the first page
  • Tags for the second page
  • Image for the second page
  • Etc.


Have you considered searching for a bunch of TIFF images from the internet from various sites and then analyzing the ones you write with a TIFF decompiler to check what you are doing? (Or with some other TIFF decompiler?) Does this give you some guidance? If their behavior is all over the map, you know it's not critical. If they are consistent, you know you have to agree with them too.



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