Selecting multiple files to manage downloads

I tried to do something like this:

But in my search for information, I found that it is not possible to do multiple file selection with plain HTML and JavaScript (and server side JSP). Is there a way to do this without using Flash? What third-party component would you recommend?



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Actually, according to the specification, normal HTML file upload fields should be multi-file fields. Opera supported it a bit, letting you ctrl-click to select multiple files from a picker. But it almost always broke webapp as many web frameworks were unaware of this and crashed.

In the meantime, it is usually sufficient to use JavaScript to add an extra file upload field to the form when the previous one has been filled out. This can be done gracefully-demeaning for non-JS UAs while creating multiple file management with script and pretty icons.

If you go with a Flash downloader, it is recommended that you back up this file using a simple HTML upload box.



It still works through flash, but the YUI Uploader component allows you to add multiple files with minimal knowledge of flash - the API for interacting with it is purely javascript.

HTML 5 will support multiple file uploads, but it is currently not supported in a large number of browsers



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