Droppable hoverClass option not working in Internet Explorer

I cannot get it to work. It works fine in Firefox, but nothing happens in IE when it droppable

has an element held over it.

I tried using a parameter hoverClass

and also tried to just manually change the class in the "over" and "out" events. Both methods work in Firefox, but not IE. Is there a job for IE?

Below is my code:

over: function(ev, ui) {
  $(this).addClass( 'droppable-hover' );

out: function(ev, ui) {
  $(this).removeClass( 'droppable-hover' );



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The droppable-hover class uses an outline style property that is not supported in IE (except IE5 on Macintosh). At least that's what W3Schools says . You can approximate it in IE using:

<!--[if IE]>
.   droppable-hover
       border: double 1px black;




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