HTML editor for use in MS Access formats

Can any free / nested HTML editors be offered for use in MS Access formats? Basically I need to bind a control to a VARCHAR field that allows basic HTML input, formatting and preview functionality - a WYSIWYG editor.


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Old thread, but here's another one:

HTML editor built around MS web browser control

Best of all, it's FREE.



For versions of Access prior to Access 2007, the only thing I know is XStandard at

We tried to add it to the MS Access form for a project about a year ago, it worked well, but some things didn't work well in the context of our project (French accents, superscripts, indices).



I understand this is an old thread too, and the OP was asking about the 2003 HTML editor.

I just want to add that the so called "Rich Text" in Access 2007 does indeed use HTML, but as far as I can tell, it is not using the correct styling markup (if you want HTML). Here is some sample code it produces:

<div align=center><font size=4><strong>Some Big Bold Text</strong></font></div>
<div align=center><strong>SomeBoldText</strong></div>
<div align=center>Some Regular Text</div>




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