ASP.Net: users are logged out when deploying new file to server

Every time I upload a file to my ASP.NET site, all users are logged out (aka, I guess their session becomes invalid).

Is there a way to "hotswap" code in ASP.NET to prevent this from happening? Compile before deployment, etc.

My deployment method is pretty easy thanks to the SVN update.

Thank! / Niels


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You can save your session to a SQL database , so restarting the application will not lose your sessions.

With precompiled, non-rebuildable code to deploy, you quickly performed an xcopy, but the application pool would still be restarted.

UPDATE: @configurator, making your comment visible to any casual observers

(there are many possibilities to see different options and instructions, for example more than one db session, different dbs frameworks in the same db, etc.)



If you deploy files to bin or web.config folder this will automatically reset on site for very good reasons.



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