VSS history - exclude shortcuts

In the VSS GUI, you can view the history of an item "include" or "exclude" tags.

I'm trying to do the same, but from the command line, but I just can't see which switch I need to use to "exclude" the labels (they are enabled by default).

eg. I run: - ss.exe HISTORY -I- $ / Source / Path / FileName.txt

Why? We have a cruise control setup to automatically create a shortcut on every successful build ... so a lot of shortcuts. When I run the "get history" command above, it takes 20-30 seconds per file and I want to start a process that will hit each file ...

If anyone can tell me which switch I need to use (should it be there if the GUI allows you to choose?) That would help a lot :-)



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You can use the -L option like this: History ss.exe -L: Shows history tags only History ss.exe -L-: Shows history without shortcuts



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