JSP or PHP for Java server components?

I need to select a server page technology for several server components written in Java and hosted by Tomcat, such as the Lucene search service and the Flex BlazeDS graphical component.

Not sure if I should use JSP or PHP.

On the one hand, JSP can easily integrate with Java API components, while PHP will require another way of integration, such as XML or bridging, which can lead to overhead.

On the other hand, PHP seems to be developing faster and, not sure, but more used and supported lately.


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JSP is completely in this situation. First, you can choose from many different frameworks - Struts and Tiles, Spring, Hibernate, etc. to help with development.

Second, the development rate is not much slower, if at all. Additionally, many of the frameworks provide decent MVC coding practice.

I would not recommend coding pure servlets and JSPs these days, however, given the framework, unless you are coding something very specific.

Other alternatives might be looking into JRuby or JPython for development in Ruby or Python - although I don't know how easy that would be since I didn't do it myself.



Given your situation, I would opt for JSP.

PHP applications can be a little faster to develop, but only if you are not using Java. Integration of existing Java components, easily integrates with JSP.

PHP is more supported by web hosting companies if you are looking for cheap hosting with low requirements. JSP is widely supported for dedicated hosting. Every linux / unix distribution uses Java + Tomcat.



JSP is widely used and supported.

Google for JSP Tag Library to see the amount of third party support.



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