LinqToSql and DataContext 101

I'm looking for a good article or two, or just an explanation of how the DataContext, or the dbml file for LinqToSql, exactly works in LinqToSql.

  • Is this a disconnected environment?
  • Are the database connections bound to the Sql server?
  • If I create an instance of my DataContext, am I responsible for deleting it?
  • How does it handle multi-user environment, when my application creates a new DataContext object, each thread gets its own DataContext?

And a bunch of other questions, as well as some best practices!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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DataContext FAQ on MSDN

Rick Strahl 's article on the life of DataContext

Basic site for LINQ at MSDN.

LINQ project on MSDN.

LINQ project project

Description of the DataContext class



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