Launching ocaml on Mac OS X results in a bus error

I just installed Ocaml on Mac OS X, and when I run ocaml I get a "Bus Error" with no other clue as to what might be happening. Can anyone offer suggestions on where to go from here?


I installed via package:

(I have an iBook G4, so PPC fits)

To start ocaml, I simply typed:



in a terminal window

I have also tried



and is executed from the xterm window. All three give:

Bus Error


I have Xcode and X11 installed as README required.


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It turns out I was installing a version of OCaml built for Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) on my 10.4.x (Tiger) machine. One would think it would be easy for the installer to catch this, but alas ...



Have you installed it from macports? It works great for me. Can you describe some details about your setup? Perhaps what are you doing to get the error?



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