How to add new link in Active scaffold rails 3

I need to add a new "map" link on my Taxis listing page, I am using active-scaffold and Rails 3.2.1. My current page looks like this. I need to show a "map" link similar to edit / delete / show in every post. In my database, I have a name, lat, lng.

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How can I do that. Please, help.


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You have to add your link in the config section in your controller.

I did it like this:

controller Admin::TaxisController < Admin::ApplicationController
  active_scaffold :taxi do |config|
    config.action_links <<'map', :label => I18n.t('map'), :type => :member, :inline => false, :position => true)


Of course, you will need to define this method in your controller as well.

def map
  # do something here


You can read more about this here .



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