Configure nvm to work properly with npm and grunt

I'm a bit new to web application development and going through Yeoman tutorial, which uses yo

, grunt

, bower

and angular


I used homebrew to install node

and npm

, but kept getting errors with npm

some permissions and whatnot. I deleted node

using brew

and instead used nvm

to install node

and npm

which no longer gives me the error.

BUT, nvm

somewhat annoying. I understand that this is a version manager node

and I don't care what every time I open the shell I have to nvm use 0.10

. But now when I want grunt serve

my web app from a new shell, I need to install grunt-cli:

nvm use 0.10
npm install -g grunt-cli
# ...
grunt serve


Is it grunt-cli

not installable globally? Or is it pointless, because it npm

doesn't "stick" between different shells?

Basically I'm fine just using one version of node right now. How do I configure nvm

, npm

and grunt

so I don't have to re-install grunt

every time I open a new shell?


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Instead of using nvm, use every time you can leave the .nvmrc file

As from the docs :

echo "0.12" >> .nvmrc 


Now, the next time you enter this directory, nvm will read this file and download that particular version.

You can check if it works with

nvm use




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