Auto Error Error Error in Internet Explorer Excel VBA Object

I've been working with some code for a while and literally, all of a sudden, it broke me. Here is the error message I receive:

Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'
Automation error
Unspecified error


the line of code is specific to instantiating the InternetExporer object, except that I did nothing to change the code. It just stopped working. What could be the problem?

This happened before and I fixed it by explicitly calling the library (MSHTML for HTMLBsaeObject before), except that I only use object when variable names

Public Sub ValueLineResearch()

    Dim myFund As String

    loginN = Sheets("Logins").Range("B2").Text
    pwStr = Sheets("Logins").Range("B3").Text

    'Get the site
    iEx.Navigate ""
    iEx.Visible = True

    Call waitForIE

    'Need to login now don't we
    iEx.Document.forms("aspnetForm").Item("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_LoginControl_txtUserID").Value = loginN
    iEx.Document.forms("aspnetForm").Item("ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder_LoginControl_txtUserPw").Value = pwStr

    Call waitForIE
    Application.Wait DateAdd("s", 6, Now)

    iEx.Navigate ""

    Call waitForIE

    For Each el1 In iEx.Document.getElementsByClassName("symbol-search textInput ui-autocomplete-input mod_search-symbols primary_symbol_search")
        el1.Value = fundToResearch

    Application.Wait DateAdd("s", 2, Now)


    Call waitForIE
    Application.Wait DateAdd("s", 2, Now)

    iEx.Navigate "" & fundToResearch

    Call waitForIE

    'store the Doc
    Set ieDoc = iEx.Document

    'For linkItem = 0 To ieDoc.Links.Length - 1
    '    'Get the PDF
    '    If InStr(1, ieDoc.Links(linkItem).href, ".pdf", vbTextCompare) > 0 And InStr(1, ieDoc.Links(linkItem).href, "UserGuide", vbTextCompare) <= 0 Then
    '        ieDoc.Links(linkItem).Click
    '        iEx.Visible = True
    '        Exit For
    '    End If
    'Next linkItem

    Set iEx = Nothing    

End Sub


And the sub setting is like this:

set iEx = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
fundToResarch = LCase(InputBox("Please Enter a Fund"))



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I had a similar problem getting an "Automation Error" instantiating InternetExplorer in a function that gets called multiple times. It works fine, but after a few crashes with an automation error. I found that I have multiple IE processes in memory, which means there is not enough installation to install the process from memory objIE = Nothing

. The solution is to call the Exit method before setting objIE to Nothing.



'Put in a brief pause

set objIE = Nothing




For others that end here with the same error ...

It can also be caused by referencing a property of an object Document

in the object InternetExplorer

after exiting and inactive. Please note that this is not what is happening in the question. I was able to reproduce the error with code similar to this:

Dim ie As New InternetExplorer
ie.Visible = True
ie.Navigate ""

Set ie = Nothing

If ie.Document Is Nothing Then 'Error thrown here
    MsgBox "Can't get here"
End If




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