How to create a launcher app for ios 7 and ios 8?

I am working on a project that works great for ios 7. I need this project for ios 7 and ios 8. I am using xcode 6 beta 2 for ios 8, I am using location services in this project and I have changed the code accordingly and working great for ios 8.

So if I run the project from xcode 5 then it works fine for ios7. If I run the project from xcode 6 beta 2 then it works fine for ios 8.

My question is, when I install deployment target 7.0 from xcode 6 beta 2 and build, then it works for ios8 but doesn't work for ios7. It should work in both. :(

The problem in ios7 is not calling webservice delegation methods. I am using HttpRequest to call a service.

Can anyone suggest me what to do to use the app in ios7 and ios8?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank!

Code: xcode objective-c

Device: iphone

Functionality: Location Services, Json Webservice.


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Why are you using XCode 6 beta 2 when XCode 6.0.1 is out now? Download it and give it a try with this, everything will work as expected!

Betas are called "beta" for a reason. Try to get the latest stable version and see if you notice any changes. It should work for both iOS versions.



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