R devtools: Dependency package document not available

Hi I'm following a tutorial here from Hilary and here from Hadley Wickham trying to create a dummy.

However, my package needs some external dependencies XML

and RCurl

in this case, when I run the command document it will complain that:

> setwd('/home/datafireball/projects/Rprojects/rgetout/rgetout')
> document()
Error: could not find function "document"
> library(devtools)
> document()
Updating rgetout documentation
Loading rgetout
Loading required namespace: XML
Error in (function (dep_name, dep_ver = NA, dep_compare = NA)  : 
  Dependency package XML not available.


Here is my file DESCRIPTION


Package: rgetout
Title: A R package to get all the outlinks for a given URL
Version: 0.1
Authors@R: "Eric Cartman <Eric.Cartman@gmail.com> [aut, cre]"
Description: This package is intended to include as much web extraction functionality as much as     possible. It starts with one function. getout will extract
all the outlinks for a given URL with a user-agent that you can customize.
Depends: R (>= 3.0.2)
License: MIT
LazyData: true


Here is the source code of the GitHub repo if you'd like more information.


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It is assumed that you will have the necessary tools / dependencies to develop the package when you do this.


has a dependencies argument that will try to install remote packages that package / depends on (depending on how they depend (suggests / depends / linkingTo).


will work in a similar way.

Installing a package and documenting it as a development component are quiet different steps.



If you have problems with this, even if you have packages installed and downloaded, I suggest you do the following.

  • Delete Imports:

    and Suggests:

    record your file DESCRIPTION

  • Make sure you have devtools working with library(devtools)

  • Now start adding libraries to your file DESCRIPTION

    by running the following command on your console: devtools::use_package("dplyr")

    for whatever Imports:

    you need. Repeat this step for each library you need.

In my case, it dplyr

was the one who refused to boot. You can decide where will be located the package by running: devtools::use_package("dplyr", "Suggests")




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