Where does "lwjgl-util.jar" belong?

I am developing a game with LWJGL 3.0.0a . In many tutorials there is used lwjgl_util.jar

which contains things like Vector2f

and GLU

for functions like gluUnProject


In this version, although (available on the downloads page ), such a library no longer exists; it contains only the kernel lwjgl.jar

. Where did these junk go?


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LWJGL 3 focuses on OpenGL bindings. The wiki states

The library includes functionality and APIs that just should never have been added to it. This functionality is either for the engine using LWJGL or for another library on top of LWJGL. This one includes a utility package (vecmath, displayables, image / sound file readers, etc.) and everything related to applets.

So this essentially means that, at least for now, there will be no Util package in the main library.

However, there are plans to include one of these when other core functionality is implemented (OpenGL ES bindings, Vulkan bindings, etc.).

From the roadmap :

  • [. x] : May be delayed until a point release after 3.0.


[. x] The official library of the utility.

While the trick for LWJGL 3 is only to include only lightweight, lower functionality in the core library, ease of use and appeal to novice programmers are also important. The current plan is to start the sibling project, which will create the official utility library for LWJGL 3 .. It will include all non-essential functions, additional functions and auxiliary utilities. It can also include an API that conforms to LWJGL 2, for the convenience of porting existing code. Engine level functionality such as vecmath and fixed function simulation may or may not be enabled depending on the amount of support the project is receiving. Another option is to create "profile-based" OpenGL classes, for example. the GLCore class, which includes only the functionality of the main profile from GL11 to GL31.


Deleted features

Utility package.

Some of the older functions can be added to the utility library.

An unofficial utility project, Java OpenGL Math Library (JOML) ( Github page ), has been launched on the forum .but it is unclear if it will be continued...

EDIT: As of June 2015, the JOML is a recommendation from the LWJGL team: blog post .

EDIT: As of June 2015, the STB library is included in the LWJGL . This provides useful utility functions for loading images and fonts.



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