How to run a solr server in hybris 5.7 offline?

Can't start solr server in hybris 5.7, so search doesn't work. How to run solr server in hybris 5.7 offline.


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In hybris\bin\ext-commerce\solrserver\resources\solr\bin

execute solr start


Note that this is the path from version 6. The installation directory may differ, this is where the Solr installation package was removed.

Take a look at the README in solr / server for details on config, log dir, etc.

Also take a look solr -help

Usage: solr COMMAND OPTIONS where COMMAND is one of the following: start, stop, restart, health check, create, create_combination, create_collection, delete, version, upconfig, downconfig

An example of a stand-alone server (Solr starts in the background on port 8984): solr start -p 8984

SolrCloud example (running Solr in SolrCloud mode using localhost: 2181 to connect to Zookeeper, with 1g max heap size and remote Java debug options):

solr start -c -m 1g -z localhost: 2181 -a "-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp: transport = dt_socket, server = y, suspend = n, address = 1044"

Pass -help after any COMMAND to see information about using a specific command, such as: solr start -help or solr stop -help



In addition to the subtle answers above, let me mention all the steps required to set up a standalone Solr server in SAP Hybris.


  • the extension solrserver

    must be in your filelocalextensions.xml

Hybris OOTB Solr Configuration Interface

The default configuration is as follows:



Here you can see autostart=true

which tells the Solr server to start and stop along with the Hybris platform.

Configuring an external stand-alone server

We want to start / stop it independently of the Hybris instance. To do this, we need to disable autoplay for the default Solr instance using the following properties.




How to start / stop solr server

You can just use ant commands to start and stop the solr server

ant startSolrServer
ant stopSolrServer


Hybris OOTB, you can find the solr setting at hybris/bin/ext-commerce/solrserver/resources/solr/

. Now go to the folder bin

, there you can also run the solr script manually as below.

Solr Server Launch

./solr start -p 8983    #Linux systems
solr.cmd start -p 8983  #Window system


Stop solr server

./solr stop -p 8983    #Linux systems
solr.cmd stop -p 8983  #Window system


Find detailed post here



The solrserver extension provides additional ant tasks that you can use to manage Solr instances and servers .

After ant you can use the commands

startSolrServer - Starts the Solr Server.

stopSolrServer - Stops the Solr Server.



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