Ssh-add Failed to open connection with your Authentication Agent

I have a problem with my ssh agent. Actually I can't get it to work and I don't understand why.

This is the console output:

I'm sure the ssh agent is running. For your information, I'm on Windows 7 and I tried to run gitbash with administrator permissions, but that didn't change anything. Also everything was working fine until yesterday and I haven't changed anything.

Do you have any idea why?


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Just upgrade to git for windows ( with more recent bash and msysgit is deprecated )

Unzip PortableGit-2.6.2-64-bit.7z.exe

anywhere and add C:\path\to\PortableGit-2.6.2-64-bit

to your path.

Then call C:\path\to\PortableGit-2.6.2-64-bit\git-bash.exe

and you are good to go.

Check the value of $ HOME ( echo $HOME

) and check that it is a folder that you are writable for, ~/.ssh

with gitlab





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